GPS Grid Square Locator

To aid in finding my current grid square and compass bearing. I have build a portable unit to display the requested information derived from a GPS signal and a digital compass.

The unit constructed from the following items:

  • DETA 108x108x76mm PVC Conduit Box.
  • 20×4 LCD.
  • AVR ATMEGA Microcontroller.
  • CJMCU-GPS-HMC5883L Unit – Contains.
    • UBOX NEO-6M GPS Unit.
    • HMC5883L Digital compass.
  • Battery and charger.

I started by cutting a front panel using my CNC using some 2-Plex.


Once cut I assembled the enclosure and LCD.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 6.58.47 pm

More to follow.

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